Saturday, May 9, 2009

Upon opening the pages of Jeffrey Mousaieff Masson's newest nonfiction titled: The Face on Your Plate: The Truth About Food, I was no longer in doubt of my recent decision to return to the vegetarian ways of my youth. Masson provides concrete facts and evidence to support why animal farming on any level, factory or smaller, is leading us into the largest environmental crisis known to man. Many people don't realize the awesome destruction eating meat and dairy products has on the environment. From global warming to the latest scare of swine flue, factory farms are to blame.

Following the explanation of environmental crises factory farming poses on mankind, Masson provides a detailed account of the life and treatment of the different species of livestock. These are mostly based on his firsthand eyewitness account from actually visiting the farms. After learning the fact that dairy cows and egg-laying hens lead the most horrific lives of all the livestock, I instantly decided that I must become vegan if I want any chance at redemption from the cruelty humans inflict on these animals.

For the entirety of the book, I was unable to put it down, as I was constantly being shocked by these devastating facts of mass meat, dairy, and egg production. You will leave the book a better, more compassionate person. The dairy and meat companies have blinded consumers with false promises of happy, grazing cows through incorrect images and words like, “organic”, which mean nothing in terms of the life of the animal.

Dear Oprah

I love Oprah. She is an outstanding woman that we can all learn something from. However, I am pretty confused when it comes to her KFC coupon promotion. So, I wrote her a letter. I think everyone who is dissapointed with her decision should do the same. Click Here, to contact Oprah's show. Feel free to use my letter, just change the name of course.
Dear Oprah,

I am writing you regarding your recent decision to promote the cooperate food chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken. While I do not doubt that this coupon offer was done out of your genuine kindness I cannot help but question your personal moral standing on aiding the promotion of KFC. While Kentucky Fried Chicken without a doubt provides a tasty, hearty meal, the company has been criticized for the treatment of their factory farmed chickens.

After hosting a show in 2008 where Lisa Ling investigated animals living in factory farms and revealed the outrageous circumstances that livestock such as pigs, cows, and chickens endure I was quite sure you would find this letter of utmost importance. Sources such as Kentucky Fried Cruelty (managed by PETA) reveal the circumstances under which chickens produced for KFC live.

I am honestly shocked at your choice to provide free meals to anyone at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Please understand the moral conflict this campaign has created and promote cruelty free food.

Thank you ever so much,