Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sinful Waste Wednesday

Every Wednesday I will be posting photos of ridiculous wastefulness in hopes that we ALL can learn from these mistakes. So send in photos with a caption explaining who the sinner is and what is going on in the photo. My all time favorite example of wastefulness is packaging. Have you ever noticed how companies tend to ship tiny items in large packaging with tons of fluff?!? Or what about golf courses growing grass in a desert-- How much water does that take? Anyways! Let's see your pictures!

Send all photos to:

"The other day, a work colleague ordered a 1.8″ hard drive for a laptop from an unnamed supplier. Admittedly, hard drives need some packaging to protect their internals, but I feel this particular one was packaged perhaps a little too much…"

Please visit HobbsBlog for the full story.

Sadly, as Richard Hobbs states.. The cardboard can be recycled but the styrofoam will just end up in some landfill.

Keep it real!

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